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Why Is Earth Sick?

Children's book on climate change!

Written & Illustrated by Jaidacyn Madrigal

This book brings up environmental topics in a simplistic, fun and kid-friendly way! Some of the topics include climate change, water scarcity, plastic pollution, and air pollution and gives kids tangible ways to help protect our environment! 

Buy the book today for $6.99

Swipe through to see some of the pages in the book!

If you are looking to educate kids on the environment check out my book reading video! Show it to your kids, students or anyone! 

If you are a teacher, download this helpful lesson plan on environmental topics for ages K-2! This packet is filled with resources such as worksheets, activities, presentations, online games etc.

Download Here

Additional education Resources for the classroom!

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Interactive PowerPoint on pollution and ways to reduce pollution! 

Classrooms K-2

Download the PowerPoint below!

this not that cover.PNG

Interactive PowerPoint on plastic pollution and ways to reduce plastic consumption! 

Classrooms K-2

Download the PowerPoint below!

I also give free book readings over Zoom to classes K-2! Send me an email on my Contacts page if you would like me to read the book to your class!

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