Amazon Rainforest Chainsaw Massacre 


  • Eat less cow meat (beef). 

  • Go vegan or vegetarian!

  • Plant trees for your local nonprofit.

  • Do not buy products with palm oil in them.

What can you do?

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  • The Amazon forest is the worlds largest rainforest and produces about 20% of the world's oxygen, it is often called "the planet's lungs." According to the World Wildlife Fund, if it is irrevocably damaged, it could start emitting carbon instead -- the major driver of climate change.

  • The Amazon rainforest has lost the equivalent of 8.4 million soccer fields over the past decade due to deforestation.

  • The vast majority of the forest fires in the Amazon have been set by loggers and ranchers to clear land for cattle. 

  • Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef, providing close to 20% of the total global exports, according the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

  • Scientist say the Amazon could irreversibly degrade into a dry savannah.



Trees naturally clean our air by storing CO2 (a harmful greenhouse gas) in their trunks. So when we burn down forest that is just like releasing a carbon bomb back into the air, which as a result, contributes to climate change.

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