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Oil Industry

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What can you do?

  • Sign the Youth v. Oil Petition: Urge Governor Newsom to phase out oil extraction in California!


  • Join Youth v. Oil - get involved with an incredible youth led and founded campaign working to phase out oil extraction in California and holding elected officials accountable!


  • Join SanDiego350 to work to stop the fossil fuel industry and create a just, sustainable world!


Did you know?

  • California is the nation’s 7th largest oil-producing state.

  • Oil extraction releases high, dangerous amounts of air pollution that have been connected to the cause of severe headaches, childhood leukemia, asthma symptoms, birth defects, and cardiac problems. 

  • 92 percent of people living near fracking sites in California are Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 

  • Communities across California are usually excluded from knowing what chemicals are being pumped by fracking companies in their neighborhoods.

  • Climate change predominantly fueled by burning fossil fuels, has resulted in unprecedented natural disasters, devastating storms, historic droughts, wildfires, and extreme heat.


- Youth v. Oil

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