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Artist/ Author

My name is Jaidacyn Madrigal and I am an environmental activist who cares deeply about the future of our planet. Climate change is a global threat affecting people, animals and the environment. We need to do something before it is too late! 

What is Activist Attitude?

I created Activist Attitude because of my passion for educating others on topics such as climate change, mass extinction, and animal rights. These are tough topics to talk about and can be controversial, so I have developed different ways to get the message across through creative avenues. With my two Art Series, Extinction Series, children's book and special events, I am hoping to bring people together to look at the "bigger picture" of what is happening around us. The time to act is now! 

About EcoGirl

EcoGirl is my social media name. 

I have created EcoGirl as a form of spreading the word about environmental issues through social media. I have a YouTube channel called EcoGirl as well as an Instagram (@ecogirl5) where I address environmental issues while also relaying tangible ways people can make a difference and work toward living more sustainable lives!


Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns!

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