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"What EYE See"

Activist Art series that shows what environmental tragedies people are seeing around the world.

Mediums used: Charcoal, Chalk Pastel, Water Color 

On January 30, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand officials closed more than 400 schools due to unhealthy air quality.

In early 2018, Cape Town (South Africa) was at risk of running out of water. 

Fracking site in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, fracking has been linked to water pollution, air pollution, and earthquakes.

Palm oil is one of the key drivers of rainforest and tropical deforestation worldwide. In some areas like Southeast Asia, they're destroying peat forests to plant palm oil plantations.

The Ganges River, the holiest river, is being polluted by the leather factories of Kanpur, India. Every day more than 50 million liters of toxic wastewater pour out of the local tanneries. Heavy chemicals used to treat the leather, like chromium-6, flow into local farming and drinking water.

- The True Cost Documentary 

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (large area of plastic in the Pacific Ocean) near Hawaii, by an island called the Midway Atoll, is between twice the size of Texas to the size of the entire continental US. It is estimated that we use 1 million plastic bags per minute and 85 million bottles every 3 minutes on this planet.

– Plastic Paradise Documentary

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