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"How Far Is Too Far?"

Activist Art series that shows an exaggerated view of how climate change is affecting people worldwide.

Mediums used: Charcoal, Chalk Pastel, Watercolor 

This picture shows a woman from the Pacific Islands who is drowning due to the rising sea levels. How high does the water have to be before we notice her?

This picture shows a man from Brazil who is crying into a bottle because there is no water left due to drought and rising temperatures. His tears are his only source of water. How sad must he be before we see water scarcity as a crisis?

This picture shows a lady from Pakistan whose face is melting from the extreme heat Pakistan has been experiencing due to climate change. How hot do temperatures have to be before we see this as an urgent problem?

This picture shows a man from South Africa whose face is cracking, much like the soil in South Africa, from years of drought due to climate change. How dry does it have to be before we notice the severity of these droughts?

This picture shows a woman from Indonesia, where they are burning down rainforest to plant palm oil plantations. However, if we keep cutting down our trees, how will we survive? If we run out of trees, then she runs out of Oxygen. Trees also naturally clean our air by taking in CO2. We can't live without trees because we will either run out of oxygen or the air will be too polluted to breathe. How many trees have to be cut down before we realize the price we will have to pay because of our actions?

This pictures shows a man contemplating whether he would rather enjoy the steak or give it up. One eye sees the destruction burning down forests due to animal agriculture, the other eye is closed to signify that we "turn a blind eye".

 With his eye open he sees the reality behind eating the steak, while he "turns a blind eye" to the harsh reality of burning down valuable forests. How ignorant do we have to be before we see that what we are doing is not right and choose to change the behavior?

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