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Fast Fashion

Watch this video!

The fashion Industry impacts workers... (watch this video & watch this video)

  • The fashion sector is a leading industry in the use of exploited, forced and child labor.

  • There is consistent exploitation of cheap labor and violation of workers’, women’s, and human rights in many developing countries.

  • Garment workers are severely underpaid, and are not even paid a livable wage.

- The True Cost Documentary / The Fashion Act

Did you know?


"Fast Fashion" is clothing made quickly at a very low cost to meet the growing demand of constantly changing fashion trends.

Fast fashion companies and media influencers are always trying to stay on top of the new fashion trends… stop their control, don’t be their puppet! Choose your own "sustainable style" by refusing to purchase from fast fashion brands -

and thrifting instead!

What is fast fashion?

The fashion industry impacts the environment... (watch this video)

- The True Cost Documentary

Did you know?

  • Donate your clothes

  • Buy second-hand and go thrift shopping

  • Buy less clothes

  • Buy Fair trade

  • Buy Organic Cotton clothing

  • Avoid fast fashion brands

What can you do?


Watch these documentaries to learn more!


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