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Animal Fur

Watch this video!

Videos speak louder than words... please take a moment to watch this video to learn about the fur industry.

Did you know?

  • Foxes, minks, and other animals killed for their fur can be suffocated, bludgeoned to death, and anally electrocuted, or even skinned alive, all in the name of fashion. -PETA

  • Animals are being killed every day to make fur coats and other clothing and accessories. Designers like Louis Vuitton are still profiting from this cruel and barbaric industry. 

  • Independent studies show that mink fur does six times the ecological damage of faux fur, per garment. - CAFT

What can you do?

  • Never buy real fur products.

  • Buy vegan clothing and shoes that do not contain animal products. Look for the "Good" symbols/materials on the chart or look for the PETA approved label.

  • Don't eat cow meat.


Watch these documentaries to learn more!

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