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Ghost Netting

Fishing Nets

What is ghost netting?

Ghost netting is when fishing nets are left or lost in the ocean by fishermen. These nets continue to catch marine life long after they are used. Marine animals such as fish, dolphins, and turtles are often trapped by these fishing nets and die.

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  • We have lost 90% of all large fish.

  • Fisheries could collapse in the next 30 years.

  • Fishing is the leading cause of marine life extinction.

  • The weight of 55,000 double decker buses in fishing gear is dumped in the sea each year.

  • Bycatch is marine animals that have been caught unintentionally while fishing for a specific species. Fisheries discard more than 50% of their catch - because those sea animals provide little commercial value. The discarded animals end up dead on the sea floor. Watch this short video.

- Eating Our Way To Extinction Documentary / Scuba Ellie / The Guardian

Did You Know?


  • Go vegan, and don't eat seafood!

  • ​If you are a fishermen please recycle your used fishing nets, do not discard the nets in the Ocean.

What can you do?

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