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Animal Fur


Can you spot the hanging fox fir, the fox in a cage, and fur purse?

Foxes, minks, and other animals killed for their fur can be suffocated, bludgeoned to death, and anally electrocuted, or even skinned alive. 



Can you spot the skinned rabbit?

Animals killed for their fur can even be skinned alive. 



Can you spot the leather jacket with the bloody innards?

Leather is animal skin. Leather is a big business that does hand in hand with factory farming and slaughterhouses.



Can you spot the snake skin shoes?

Millions of alligators, snakes, lizards, and crocodiles are cruelly killed each year so that their skins can be made into accessories.


Watch these Videos!

  • Videos speak louder than words... please take a moment to watch these two videos to learn about the fur and leather industry.

Fur Industry

Leather Industry

What can you do?

  • Never buy real fur products.

  • Buy vegan leather products (look for the PETA approved label) instead of real leather.

  • Don't eat cow meat.

Watch these documentaries to learn more!

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