A "Killer" Dinner

Shark Fin Soup


"An estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year." - National Geographic 

Sharks are on their way toward extinction and one of the main reasons sharks are being killed is because of a popular dish in China called Shark Fin Soup. The fins are brutally cut off of the sharks and often times the sharks are thrown back into the ocean to sink and die a painful death.

Did you know?


100 Million Sharks are killed every year.


Often time the sharks are thrown back into the ocean to sink and die.

The fins of the shark are brutally cut off.

For every 100 million sharks killed per year, about six to eight humans are killed by sharks every year.

Sharks are not the scary ones... we are!

Watch these documentaries to learn more!

  • Never buy Shark Fin Soup

  • Make sure your cosmetics and skin care products do not contain shark squalene (liver oil).

  • Support the Shark Allies organization and sign their petitions to help save sharks!

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